Bengal Tiger In the Woods Slot

Bengal Tiger In the Woods Slot

An entertaining slots game

Note: This app features casino style games that let you use in-app purchases to win virtual currency.

Bengali Tiger in the Woods Slot is an entertaining slots game which is based off of the traditional premise of this genre. However, the graphics are impressive and there are a number of bonuses to be awarded. It should also be noted that unlike many similar slots games, this version offers a progressive jackpot. It was initially developed by Super Classic Slots and was last upgraded on 22 November 2015.

Basic Game Play

Bengal Tiger in the Woods Slot provides users with five different pay lines (five vertically rotating spools). A number of different symbols such as a tiger eye, a Siberian tiger and "wild" cards will be presented along the way. Lining these symbols up in a row will enable the player to increase the pot or to possibly win the total jackpot.

The highest winning combination provides 3,000 points. The only way that this can be achieved is if the player spins all four of the same animal and the tiger eye is included within an additional reel. Should the wild symbol fall on the fifth reel and a Siberian tiger is found on the second reel, seven additional games are provided. As with any progressive slots platform, there is always a certain amount of luck involved alongside strategy.

Additional Features

There are a number of other amenities worth mentioning. An auto-play feature enables for quick game play while one is out and about. The graphics are said to be quite impressive in terms of smartphone applications. Jackpots may be induced by the correct combination of the five reels while there is also a chance that they will be randomly generated. The Amazon jungle is featured within the background and the sound effects are quite impressive.

Additional Operating System Requirements

Bengal Tiger in the Woods Slot is currently only designed to be used with Android operating systems. It will require Android 2.3 and higher. It is said to have been inspired by a similar platform entitled ""Lucky Asian Las Vegas Slots"". To date, it has been downloaded approximately 50,000 times.

Bengal Tiger In the Woods Slot


Bengal Tiger In the Woods Slot

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